Find a Newspaper

Find a Union News Leader in your area! Visit one of the below locations to purchase your copy.

Maynardville Store Locations

  • Booker’s One Stop 1 (Hickory Star Rd)
  • Booker’s One Stop 2 (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Breadbox (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Okies Pharmacy (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Kay’s Market (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Union Discount Pharmacy (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Tolliver’s Market (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Jaxx’s (Maynardville Hwy)

Maynardville Newspaper Machine Locations

  • The Union News Leader Office (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Food City (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Union County Courthouse (Main Street)
  • JAXX”S II Discount Tobacco (Maynardville Hwy)
  • El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant (Maynardville Hwy)
  • 33 Diner (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Rite Aid (Maynardville Hwy)
  • Family Dollar (Maynardville Hwy)

Sharps Chapel Locations

  • Rhonda’s Market & Deli (Sharps Chapel Rd)
  • No Wake Market and Grill (Sharps Chapel Rd)

Luttrell / Plainview Locations

  • Bates Market & Deli (Hwy 61 East)
  • Friend’s Market (Tazewell Pike)
  • The Pit Stop (Tazewell Pike)
  • Nease’s Market & Deli (Tazewell Pike)

New Tazewell Location

  • Cedar Grove Market & Deli (Maynardville Hwy)

North Knox County Locations

  • Midway IGA (Tazewell Pike / Gibbs)