Woman in Jail After Attempting to Shoot a Man


On Thursday, March 16, 2017 around 1:10PM, Union E-911 Dispatchers received a report that a female had entered a residence in the 100 block of Big Ridge Park Road. One male evacuated the residence and fled to neighbors to call for help after a gun was discharged.

The male reportedly resided at the home with his girlfriend. The female that entered the home was reportedly the male’s girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend was identified as 34-year-old Sabrina Smith of Los Angeles, California.

Once inside the home, Sabrina reported pulled a handgun and stuck it to the male’s abdomen. She pulled the trigger, BUT the firearm did not discharge. The female attempted to rack or reload the gun, causing it discharged accidentally. That gave the male time to flee the home to the neighbor’s residence so he could call for help.

A hostage situation was suspected by the male victim, thinking Smith was holding the other female victim against her will. Although, that was not the case. Union County Sheriff’s Deputies Glenn Helton and Carson Kiser were first to arrive on scene where they discovered Smith at the trunk of her 2004 silver Chrysler car.

At that point, the male victim still had a visual on Smith, and he alerted dispatchers that Smith was placing the handgun in the trunk of the car. Smith was held at gun point before the scene was secure. She was taken into custody by deputies. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Smith was interviewed and then placed under arrest. She is being held in the Union County Jail under an $80,000 bond, and she has been charged with Attempted Criminal Homicide, Possession of Schedule 2, and Aggravated Assault

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