The Blessing Box is set to Help Those in our Community

As a Christian, April Cooper-Lock says she has always felt led to help others, and recently, God laid something upon her heart. April says she has always tried to donated and helped where she could, but she continued to have that yearning that more needed to be done.

April says several months ago she read an article online about a “blessing box.” After she read the article, the thought stayed in the back of her mind.

Later, April seen a clip on the local news where a “blessing box” had been placed in the Knoxville community. Doubt filled her mind as she wondered where she would place one and how it would be filled.
A “blessing box” is a wooden box structure that is filled with things such as clothing, toiletries, nonperishable food, etc.

After much thought, April decided to act on faith. Her father, Roger Cooper, constructed the box. She inquired through social media for a place to put the box. April says she received several offers from churches and businesses in Union County, but she ultimately decided to place the box at 1545 Maynardville Highway, which is the new location of the Shabby Chic 33 Boutique that is owned and operated by Kelly England.
On top of the offers to place the box on various properties, offers also poured in from people willing to help keep it filled.

Sandy and Jim Hopper also felt that the Sharps Chapel community is in need of such a box. The Hoppers have purchased the material for the box and Roger Cooper is going to construct this one as well. April says that her father has offered to construct any “blessing boxes” free of charge if the materials are provided. So, if you feel your community needs one of these heartwarming boxes, take your materials to Mr. Cooper. The Sharps Chapel box does not yet have a home though.

Two signs were crafted for Lock’s “blessing box.” The one that was placed directly on the box was made and donated by Tracie Hawkins. The other sign that lines the edge of the roadway at the Shabby Chic 33 Boutique was made by April’s brother, Johnny Cooper.

The sign that is on the box reads, “Take what you need, leave what you can, little becomes much in the Master’s hand.” April says she wants God to get all the glory, honor, and praise for any and all good that may come from the “blessing box.”.

The items in the box are there for anyone who needs it, no questions asked.