Headlines for the July 5, 2016 Edition

Read the following stories in this weeks Union News Leader:

A Normally Mundane Meeting Has A Few Fireworks “Mayor Resigns as Chairman”

Residential Fire in Maynardville Being Investigated as Arson

Low Voter Turn-Out and Political Apathy Could Be Detrimental to Maynardville City

Union County High School Students Attend National Conference

Vehicle Stolen in Broad Daylight

Vehicle Ah-Blaze After it Flips

Accident in Sharps Chapel Causes Power Outage and a Blocked Roadway

Will Union County Offer the Hand Gun Carry Permit Class Again?

Zika Virus Confirmed in Tennessee, Is This Something We Should Be Concerned About?

New Laws Effective July 1st

Vol Country Suffers a Great Loss

FanBoy Expo

Senior Citizens have Beach Bash

and much more!!